[Photos] Elementary Jets Assemble for the First Marvelous Show of the Year

Mr. Jolly handed the mic to two talented student MCs, Youni and Lisa, as the elementary school assembly started off with a bang. “What a fantastic year, elementary students!” announced Youni. 

As usual, the Mini Jets brought the heat with a slew of school spirit. Ms. Katie’s semester highlight reel resonated with the crowd, showcasing memories we built together. The Elementary School Student Council and Girl Scouts also shared moments and awards to wrap up December. Multiple awards from SKAC (South Korean Activities Committee) sports tournaments and the Spelling Bee added extra spice to the assembly, further proving that DIS had a fabulous first half. And of course, rock bands rocked the stage.

Overall, because of the effort put into the show, December 13th was a remarkable day that recognized elementary students’ determination, intellect, and success. Look for photos of you and your friends in the photo gallery.