[Photos] Middle and High Schoolers Gather for First Big Assembly of the Year


Students chatter as the assembly progresses toward the pinnacle. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

To wrap up the first five months of school before diving into winter break, students and teachers gathered for the long-awaited assembly in the Jetnasium on December 13th. The event began with two MC’s (Lisa and Youni) opening up the show. The first event was an award ceremony organized by Mr. Jolly. Various students were recognized for their dedication in different clubs and events such as MUN, SKAC sports, NHD, and the SKAC Spelling Bee. 

As the last of the trophies were distributed, a surprise recap video reel of the school year popped up on the giant screen at the back of the stage. Students laughed as funny memories flashed before their eyes. They cherished their many accomplishments throughout the year. Once the video ended, the most exciting part of the assembly began: the performances.  The middle and high school rock bands and the Illusion dance team all mesmerized their peers and teachers. Check out the photos below.