Jet Stream December 9th, 2022

Juan Cortez and Youni Choi

Thank you for tuning into the Jet Stream today! Juan and Youni team up to host again. They have a segment on the 3rd grade wax museum produced by Leo and Jamila. Today’s show is sponsored by My Gummy.

Do you remember the classic movie “Night at the Museum”, where old historical figures come to life? Well, today the museum comes to life through the 3rd grade classes! The kids created projects where they get to bring new life into the people of history. They dressed up as their favorite historical figures, much like a wax figure, and presented interesting facts about them. Join Leo and Jay on this adorable ride into the historic minds of 3rd graders.

Enjoy the “My Gummy” (마이구미) commercial created by Maisie and Jane. In this video, three people with different, yet important, jobs talk about the production of the gummy. We used stop motion to show how we grow our gummies.