Green Wave Crashes in Busan

High School Boys Volleyball Snags the First SKAC Trophy Since 2013


The Jets varsity team (the A team) gathers during the award ceremony to receive their hard-earned trophy. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

It’s the stronger team that wins, not the stronger individual. The high school boys’ volleyball team flooded the 2022 SKAC Finals with green waves as the A team was declared as champions, with teams 2 and 3 placing third and seventh place. With the players cheering and rejoicing at their hard-earned victory, the last game of the season closed with the successful score of 2-1. 

The boys get emotional after their championship victory. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

The Jets varsity team soared through this season undefeated. As coach Bergan expected, the final game was against Busan Foreign School (BFS). DIS successfully won the first set with a score of 25-21, bringing the team one step closer to the trophy. However, the second game was a setback. With the Sharks having their home-court advantage, the serves weren’t as tight, and the momentum tilted toward BFS. By the end of the game, at set points of 1-1, everyone was tense with apprehension. Though it was a close call, the third game was brought to an early winning streak by the brave players. 

Ethan soars above the net to spike the ball. Photo by Lewis Kim.

“[The] nice thing about the third set were two big things: we got off to an early lead. I think we were up 8 to 4 to put pressure on them, and they ended up burning back 11-11 but I was really proud that we rattled off 4 points in a row. What we talked about all year was mental toughness, and I think that this was a prime example of that. Physically we were, skill-wise, one of the better teams, but I think our big advantage was our mentality,” commented Coach Bergan. 

Ethan angles his body for the perfect inline spike. Photo by Lewis Kim.

Ethan, a right side hitter of the team, reflected on the victory. “Although there were interesting and unfair calls, DIS won because other teams like BFS had the tall one as a strong hitter, but our team was very good in collaboration and teamwork, which ultimately put us up against the other teams. I definitely think Juan did amazing. It was a point every time he hit it. But I also have to give a shout-out to the setter for an amazing set the entire season. It was a great season, and I hope that in the future, we can also win as well.”

Coach Bergan holds up the trophy and proudly presents himself as the champion coach. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

Mr. Bergan added, “I think it feels great. Anytime that you can finish the season with a championship is very rewarding. I think the kids, the students, put a lot of emphasis on doing better than last year, so not only is it a great feeling as a coach personally, but also it feels good for the students that they were able to reach the goal they had set.”

Dylan roars with victory as players bring in to cheer and celebrate. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

The victory was especially meaningful to veteran players, who combined their efforts to earn the last point of the final round. From Ricky’s receive to Dylan’s set and finally, to Paul’s spike, the attack was a perfect sequence. The three practiced together ever since 6th grade, and with a steadfast devotion to volleyball, they were able to finish their last game as high schoolers in glory before their new step into university.  

Colin spikes the ball down for victory. Photo by Lewis Kim.

Mrs. Jolly, a prior coach, reminisced, “I am so proud of these boys. I remember them not even knowing what volleyball was, but hearing that these three boys made the last point together brought back nostalgic memories of us winning the middle school championship.” 

Paul and Dylan celebrates humbly after an easy point. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

The last time the DIS high school boys brought home a trophy was years ago when the current players on the team were kindergarten and elementary school students. Everyone was ecstatic with joy and pride of bringing back their long-lost crown. Hopefully, this cycle of victory continues.

Harry, Paul, and Ethan prepare for a quick switch as soon as the serve goes over the net. Photo by Lewis Kim.

Coach Bergan said, “I think everyone finished this season on a high note, winning all of the teams on their last games of the day of the season. Hopefully, [everyone] remembers that we do have the champion in team A. Team 2 and team 3 got to practice against team A every week, so that’s a great way to improve yourself. I hope that the boys who are returning are excited to defend the championship next year. It’s time to replenish, not reform.