[Photos] Halloween Bash Knocks the Socks Off the Middle Schoolers


8th graders take a break from the tug-of-war to show their elation. Photo by Jackson Chiang.

Juan Cortez and Grace Chae

The Middle School Student Council held a Halloween party at the end of Spirit Week, and participants had a blast. The party boasted several events such as tug of war, a dance party, and a spooky haunted house. Student Council members felt satisfied with how the party turned out and thankful for everyone who worked hard to bring this event to life. 

Events ran smoothly. Tug of war showcased fierce competition. Kids were driven to win and bring glory to their grades. The haunted house frightened guests. The student leaders spent hours transforming the yoga studio in an attempt to spook out the visitors. The middle schoolers enjoyed pizza and chicken for dinner in the cafeteria, then walked over to the JetNasium for a massive dance party. Almost all in attendance jumped on stage and danced their hearts out. Even the stubborn students dead-set on staying off the dance floor made their way to the stage by the end of the night. 

Overall, the student council successfully created a spooky and memorable night. With this great start, middle schoolers continue to look forward to more events hosted by the Student Council.