Jet Stream October 28th, 2022

Leo Lee and Jamila Karam

Today is the Halloween episode of the Jet Stream. Leo and Jamila host the show and bring you segments on volleyball and Halloween questions.

On October 15th, DIS hosted the SKAC high school volleyball tournament. 24 teams from 7 different schools participated and there were parents who volunteered to sell food and drinks at the Snack Shack. The boy’s team 1 won all the games and the girl’s team 1 went 2 and 1. Everyone had a blast at the game. Stay tuned for the finals on November 17th.

It’s Halloween and two students have something brewing in the cauldron! In this segment of the Jet stream, Jay and Leo go around the campus asking our students and teachers the BURNING questions of Halloween that everyone has in mind, like “Which teacher would survive in a Zombie apocalypse?”. Let’s join them and pick at the diverse, creative, and spooky minds of DIS!