[Brief] RSIR and Yangrowon Photo Club Capture Your Spooky Memories


Poster by Ella Lee and Christie Park.

Ricky Jang and Jade Lee

“Trick or treat!” Halloween is approaching. To record memories throughout spirit week, Research and Service for Immigrants and Refugees (RSIR) decorated a Halloween-themed photo booth. Starting on Monday, October 24th, a photo booth will be in front of the futsal field. RSIR members and Lewis’ Yangrowon Photo Lunch club will take photos for 2000 Won during high school recess, and you will receive a printed copy of the picture within a week. All profits will go to organizations related to immigrants and refugees, so make sure to go and capture your Halloween memories with friends. 

Mr. Hutchings and Claudia make the dream team for an imaginary mission. Photo provided by RSIR.