Runners Rev Up to Compete for the First Time in Three Years

The Cross Country Teams Race for the Prize Despite Course Setbacks

Juan Cortez and Grace Chae

The Cross Country teams ran around Koje Island at BIA (British International Academy) on October 4th. This was the first live race in three years. Six races were held for all the girl and boy divisions. Unfortunately, the elementary and middle school runners took a wrong turn on their routes and their races suffered.

According to Mrs. Jolly, “There was a parent from the other school who was supposed to be on the route telling kids where to go but couldn’t make it to the race. They had to quickly find a replacement or another parent, and that parent I guess didn’t know the route well enough and she was telling the kids to go the wrong way.” Due to this mix up, elementary and middle school rewards weren’t given out because they weren’t too sure about the results. It was a huge upset for the racers.”

One of the Middle School boy runners, Evan, said, “I was pretty upset with the results because I was pretty close to winning, but I ended up running 2 extra laps with a lot of confusion.” He was instructed to run an extra lap causing him to have messed up times and results. However, he is motivated by this because it gives him a reason to win the next race on November 8th.

Other than winning the races, student athletes still enjoy Cross Country. Bryan in 8th grade explained, “I love running because after running with your friends it is a really nice feeling and you get to go outside and feel nature.” You don’t need a medal to enjoy running. The thrill of the outdoors and adrenaline gives kids a runners’ high.

 Fortunately, the High School races ran smoothly and they had a fair race. Apple, a freshman, won a spot on the podium for the bronze medal. She said, I didn’t really expect to win, to be honest, so I felt surprised – in a good way – and I also felt really proud of myself.

I didn’t really expect to win, to be honest, so I felt surprised – in a good way – and I also felt really proud of myself.

— Apple, a freshmen

Coaches were fulfilled and believed that all the kids tried their best. Mr. Archer said, “The results were good. The kids did great. They ran well, they tried hard, and that’s what was best.” Overall, The Jets pushed through the pain and poured their hearts out on the trail.  Despite the course mix up, the runners will go full speed at the final meet that DIS hosts on November 8th.