Jet Stream October 7th, 2022

Elizabeth Ryu and Jane Nam

Season 9 of the Jet Stream starts now. Jane and Elizabeth host the show and bring you a brand new Intro, a segment on the campus gardens, and another episode of the Cry of Silence.

Christie, Helen, and Anna went around the campus asking students and Mr. Seo about the freshly grown greens in the gardens. Elementary students got to participate in gardening and we get to eat their plants in the cafeteria.

Youni and Lisa bring a special game to share with the DIS community. It’s called “고요속의 외침” in Korean and translates to “Cry of Silence.” Two players will wear headsets with loud music playing so they can’t hear sounds from the outside. Then, they will have 3 minutes to guess as many words as possible by only looking at the other player’s mouth. The third episode is with juniors: Dylan and Juan.