Club Nintendo Switches Up the View on Playing Games

Life Skills Level Up with a New After School Activity

Juan Cortez, Luna Kang, Grace Chae, and Jade Lee

Imagine an ASA where you can play all the Nintendo games you’ve ever dreamed of. If that thought makes you happy, you’re in luck. Mr. Hinkle, the high school English teacher, has created a club just for an hour of fun and games with Nintendos. This ASA, held on Tuesdays, goes by the name of Club Nintendo. 

Club Nintendo chooses where to go head to head. Photo by Juan Cortez.

This club is based on the idea of esports, short for electronic sports. Mr. Hinkle stated, “It’s an extension to the concept of esports. I was looking for other cheap devices that games could be played on, and because Mr. Jolly saw the value in making the purchase, we decided to make the club.” 

Leo prepared to cruise past the others in Mario Kart. Photo by Juan Cortez.

Mr. Hinkle views this ASA as an opportunity to enhance expertise in many different areas. He explained, “What a lot of people don’t realize is that when kids are playing video games, they’re harboring the same skills that can be acquired while playing team sports. It’d help students as they move on beyond school and get into the real world.”  

Kate stared down her opponent, plotting her win. Photo by Juan Cortez.

Students at DIS have various reasons as to why they joined Nintendo Club. Kate, a sophomore, shared, “I love that we have a variety of video games and that there are students I can compete with.” Enjoying gaming in her spare hours, playing against other members is a chance for her to sharpen her skills. 

Lea observed her competitors in the race. Photo by Juan Cortez.

With consoles in stock for more members, Club Nintendo plans to run all year long, open to all middle and high schoolers.