Doodles to Codes to Apps

How To Develop Applications from Scratch

Oliver Park, Luna Kang, Jodie Lee, and Jessica Woo

All of today’s applications are created by millions of developers. Have you ever dreamed of programming an application? 

Today, I would like to share a step-by-step guide on how to create a unique app. 

1. Come up with a purpose or basic function for a program. You can write some ideas in your notes and think about the utilities that you are going to add to the application.

2. Once the program is done, move on to Figma, a designing app for the UI (short for User Interface – all the visual effects in an application). While designing, try to picture the appearance and layout of your app.

3. When the motion design is complete, its features have to be coded so that the different elements can serve a purpose. To decrease the probability of an error, try jotting down the codes on a notepad. You can run them through Playgrounds, a software that tells us if the codes will function properly. When Playgrounds approves the codes, they are ready to be pasted into Xcode, a program iOS developers use to build an application. These codes will become the foundation for the program.

Developers open Xcode to build applications and write codes. Photo provided by Oliver Park.

4. When you finish programming the UI, you can start working on the UX (User Experience – the actions and motion graphics of an app), which allows users to experience the different features of the structural designs. To get the app up and running, you have to connect the data between the UI and UX; or else, the software will only be visual effects and void of features. To expand the codes, you can surf through GitHub and Stackoverflow, forums where developers upload and search for software to incorporate into their projects. When all the coding is out of the way, you can go on the app Bakery to design a logo. 

Future coders can skim through Stackoverflow to get inspiration. Photo provided by Oliver Park.
Create your one-of-a-kind logo for your app on Bakery. Photo provided by Oliver Park.

Through these steps, you can create different applications for dice rolling, weather forecasting, etc. These apps can be used in your everyday recreational activities like playing a small board game with your friends or checking the weather every morning. 

Programmers use GitHub to take a look at others´ works and enhance their own. Photo provided by Oliver Park.

Coding can be applied in multiple fields and can enhance logical thinking. In fact, once you learn how to program, you can develop any apps that you can think of! 

To experience the wide scope and possibilities that coding presents, go ahead and try out developing whatever you desire.