Hinnamnor Dodges Daegu

Typhoon Leaves Detrimental Damage on Coastal Cities


As of the 2nd, Typhoon Hinnamnor quickly makes its way to South Korea. Graphic by Bae So-Young.

Juan Cortez, Grace Chae, Elizabeth Ryu, and Jade Lee

Although there were some reported casualties and damage, most of Korea made it through the recent Typhoon Hinnamnor safely. Though the storm was predicted to be the most catastrophic to coastal cities in recent history, results differed from the expectations here in Daegu. Accordingly, many schools throughout the country, including DIS, had to cancel all classes on Tuesday, September 6th. Mr. Jolly explained, “the regulations according to the Department of Education were sent to us late Monday afternoon.”

Many expected to see severe damage in Daegu as well, including Isabelle in the second grade, who expressed her concern on how destructive the typhoon may be. However, in Daegu, on the morning of the event, there was minimal harm. Isabelle was relieved to hear the news, and exclaimed that she had enjoyed a calm morning. She said, “I played and went roller skating. It was actually a really nice day!”

Other people also spent their day off by hanging out with friends and enjoying their sudden free time instead of taking refuge. Mr. Jolly said that it is always better to be safe than sorry and claimed, “Although it turned out to be quite a beautiful day on Tuesday, I’ve lived in Korea for over 20 years and the weather can never be fully predicted. So I think just having the idea of safety is always important.”

Over everything else, it seemed as though Hinnamnor ended with a fortunate result – at least for certain regions. Even though Daegu didn’t receive much harm compared to cities along the coastline, there were areas that were heavily damaged and went through many tragedies.