Baechu (배추): the Newest Veggies Growing in the DIS Garden

Elementary Students Plant Cabbages in Front of the ECC building


Check out the size of these cabbages. The plants swelled in less than a month. Photo by Jodie Lee.

Jodie Lee, Section Editor

K-5 students buried cabbage seedlings in the garden in front of the ECC to learn about the life cycle of plants. Last month, elementary schoolers had the chance to plant baechu (배추), a staple vegetable in Korea used in many dishes including kimchi. Through this fun experience, the kids were able to be involved with the process of gardening for the first time.

Mr. Seo, the school gardener, explains how to plant the baechu (배추) plants to kindergartners and first graders. Photo by Ms. White.

All elementary school students had the chance to join in on the fun. Each grade, with great care, took turns planting the seedlings with the guidance of the school gardener, Mr. Seo.

Students get their hands dirty as they pat the soil on top of each of their seedlings. Photo by Ms. White.

First grader Ella said, “It was fun but my hands became a little dirty.” By rolling up their sleeves, students authentically experienced what it takes to grow crops from seedlings to full grown vegetables.

Mr. Jack Bae teaches Ms. Suozzo’s 1st graders about the baechu plants. Photo by Ms. Suozzo.

The organizer of the harvest, Mr. Jack Bae said, “Soon, in November, students will be able to harvest the cabbage and take it home to make kimchi or other dishes.” Baechu can be incorporated into many different meals at home.

Ella and Soi from first grade plan to make kimchi with the cabbage. Ella exclaimed, “My dad loves kimchi!”

Luka in 1st grade smiles as he plants his cabbage. Photo by Ms. White.

After all of the baechu gets harvested, the elementary schoolers will continue to plant new produce and vegetables in front of the ECC building. We are excited to see what they grow next.