Middle School Basketball Ends with a Nail-biter in Busan

Season Comes to a Close After Tremendous Improvement by Players and Coaches


Jayden glides for a layup despite facing tight defense. Photo by Leewen Wang.

Sarah Lee, Sports Reporter, Design & Communications

Middle school basketball teams went down to Busan for their finals on Friday, the 13th of May. Boys traveled to ISB and girls headed to BFS. 

The DIS 1 girls team crushed their match-ups against the opposing teams: they won against HIS and ISB but lost against BFS. Their semifinal against ISB was very close. The final score being 11 to 10, the Jets ended up losing by only one point. The girls’ second team only had two games during the day, and they took 1 win and suffered 1 loss. 

Apple tightens up her defensive stance, positioning her hands right in the ISB player’s face. Photo by Lisa Seok.

Mr. Park said, “SKAC had a new rule. Every time we foul, the opponents will get a point and the ball. This made it difficult for the girls, and they couldn’t do anything in the game.”

Niha looks for open teammates to dish off a pass. Photo by Leewen Wang.

The boys also put their best effort into the season. Mr. Kaschub said, “Though we had a short season because of Covid, both of the teams did a great job. Both offense and defense improved a lot.”

Mr. Kaschub explains the Xs and Os of his offensive plays. Photo by Alex Seo.

Alvin, the center on team 1, added, “Though we lost in the semifinals, we improved as a team. Mr. Kaschub also told us that teamwork is the most important skill that we need to have while playing.”

Caden dribbles past the Shark defender. Photo by Alex Seo.

The most important goals of being an athlete are positive attitudes and continual growth. The Jets middle school basketball players successfully demonstrated what it takes to be a star on the court this season.