2022 SKAC Spring Fine Arts Festival Goes Live

Tradition of Displaying Student Works Makes a Virtual Return

Jane Nam, Grace Chae, and Jade Lee

On May 18th, the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) held a virtual version of the SKAC Spring Fine Arts Festival. The Fine Arts Festival was originally an event where art and music students from all SKAC schools would display their talents for everyone to get a glimpse of. Unfortunately, the festival has been forgotten due to the sudden pandemic, but NAHS’ attempt to bring back the tradition of hosting the festival was successful. Early on, throughout the school year, the society sent an invitation to other SKAC schools asking them if the fine arts departments of other schools would be willing to participate, despite the sudden invite. 

By using an online gallery platform called Artsteps, the NAHS and its junior chapter, the National Junior Art Honors Society (NJAHS) was able to create both middle and high school galleries to showcase all artworks created throughout the school year. In the meantime, two other SKAC schools, Global Prodigy Academy (GPA) and Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS), accepted the invite and worked on creating their own student galleries as well.

The GPA art gallery showcases a myriad of student works. Photo by Jade Lee.
Despite the unexpected invite, GIFS came prepared with a variety of fine arts. Photo by Jade Lee.

It took a month and a half to finish the gallery, with a continuous process of Mr. Gum scanning and uploading ten to fifteen works per grade level. But not everything was a smooth-sailing process – according to one of the student curators, Geo, “some files didn’t work properly as they were either corrupted or deleted. We also spent a lot of time making sure all the works were in the proper ratio, and we constantly had to make adjustments as we went along.”

Almost all grade levels within DIS had a few works that were hard to retrieve. Some had to be rescanned after weeks on end. Photo by Jade Lee.

Anyone can access and view the gallery from anywhere, and everywhere, at all times, which was one of the major benefits of holding it online. The art pieces of all the hardworking student artists from DIS, GPA, and GIFS can be seen below:

Daegu International School:

Global Prodigy Academy: https://www.artsteps.com/embed/627eca69bf64a849e0374c19/560/31 

Gyeongnam International Foreign School: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xSRAIKF-rxbZCum_C4Jfbg1UWss6KrOEDuHfAnIQcDc/edit?usp=sharing