If you could go to outer space, what would you do?

Jinny Lee, Head Designer

Decades back, we all applauded when the first man was launched off to space; and in the recent years, top companies are competing to step foot on Mars. As the spacetech industry continues on an upward trend, humanity is continuing to make a multitude of unprecedented achievements and encounters in the cosmos.  If you had a chance to go to outer space, what would you do and why?



Ms. Kim, ELL Teacher:

If I were to go to outer space, I would take a lot of pictures so I can share that unforgettable moment with other people. 




Jackson, Grade 9:

I would chill and rest, because I wouldn’t have to go to school. I will have all the time to play, read some books, and take a nice sleep.




Tracy, Grade 3:

If I gotta go to outer space, I would want to bring my dog to test out how he would act. I will also bring a spacesuit in order to breathe air.




Ellie, Grade 3:

If I got to go to outer space, I would bring some stuff over there and would really like to experience a world without gravity. I think it would be really fun as I will try to fly. 




Louis, Grade 1:

I will go to space to explore and find aliens. I want to find aliens because they are my favorite monsters. 




Jay, Grade 1:

I’m going to discover aliens in outer space, especially Jupiter, because the planet is made of gas. 




Mary, Grade 4:

The first thing I want to do is go to Mars. Some scientists say that Mars is the most similar planet to Earth, and that it even has water! Also, I am in class “Mars” in my hagwon, so I want to go there much much more. 




Olivia, Grade 4:

I’ll go to the moon, because other places are hot or messy. If I brought a couple of things that would save me, I will be alright. 




Ms. Morisette, Grade 5 Teacher:

The things on my checklist to do is to look at the earth, just to see what it looks like from outer space. The second one would be to try jumping and see how far I can float. And third, is to look for aliens.