If a day was 60 minutes longer, what would you do during that 25th hour?


Graphic by Alyssa Chang.

Harry Cho, Writer

Time is limited, and the older you grow, the harder that phrase seems to hit you. The 24 hours we are given every day are often robbed by the necessary sleep, showers, assignments, and other daily routines we wish we could just skip out on. We asked different people at DIS what they would do if they were given an extra 25th hour to spare each day—besides the expected answer of “sleeping”. 

Esther, Grade 4:

I would do my homework because I don’t have enough time to do it. If not, Ms. Bielec will hunt me down. I love you, Ms. Bielec. 





Masa, Grade 11:

If I have an extra hour in a day, I would spend that time talking and chilling out with my friends, since I love my friends and they are important people in my life. 





Ms. Loutsch, English teacher:

I would probably do something for enjoyment which is hiking, watching tv or reading a book. The top choice is if the weather is good, I would definitely go outside. 





Amelia, Grade 1:

If there were 25 hours in a day, I would like to spend time with my mother. There is not enough time to spend time with my mother because of school.





Hailie, Grade 1:

I would go to an amusement park with my family because amusement parks are very interesting places. 





Lia, Grade 1:

I’m gonna hug everyone at DIS. Because I love everyone! 






Chloe, Grade 4:

If I had one extra hour, I would make papercrafts. I love making them.






Isabel, Grade 4:

I would eat Chinese food, because it is yummy!






Jayden, Grade 2:

I would like to invite my friends to my home and play games. 






Brayden, Grade 2:

I want to watch Marvel movies alone because Marvel movies are really fun.