What was the worst smelling place you’ve been?


Harry Cho, Writer

Everyone’s been somewhere that smells awful. Maybe it’s a rest stop bathroom, the locker room right after P.E, or an old farm. Or you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time and you get unlucky. For me, it’s Paul’s sweater after he plays basketball – you’ll only know when you catch a whiff of it. The Jets Flyover invited students and teachers to commiserate over their stinkiest ordeals.



Raimy, Grade 2: The garbage can in New York. I walked near the trash in New York, but there was too much garbage and it smelled so bad. It was awkward. 








Han Yong Sook, Safety Assistant: A few years ago, I went to Bong-mu lake to run, but I smelled rotten bean sprouts with water. Apparently, the dam was blocked by trash. 








Hughrie, Grade 3: I think it is a garbage can, because there is a lot of food and trash inside it. It smells really bad.








Brian, Grade 3: I think place[s] near a restaurant or market, because there is some food waste or trash in front of it.








Jason, Grade 6: When I went to the market, there was a tofu corner. Somebody opened stinky tofu and the smell spread out.








Serena, Grade 10: Juan’s room! Because he 방구-ed in the room.









Selina, Grade 9: The 6th grade lockers, because one kid decided to leave a tangerine in the locker. After vacation, I opened the locker and a really stinky smell came out.








Ellen, Grade 7: The worst smelling place I have been to was the public bathroom by the swimming pool. A lot of people are changing, and after swimming it was really disgusting. I personally hate that smell.







Jacob, Grade 12: My top 1 worst place is Eric’s bathroom.








Alvin, Grade 8: The worst smelling place I’ve been before was Seomun market, because I could smell a lot of seafood like fish, shrimps, and sea pineapple (meongge). I hate the smell of blood sausage (soondae) too. I will never go there again.