What’s Your Nickname?


Harry Cho, Staff Reporter

Not everyone goes by their birth name. Your friends might call you something else for fun, your name might be hard to say, or you might just not like it. Some people at DIS have pretty interesting nicknames. The Jets Flyover decided to ask students and teachers what others call them, and why. 




Martin, Grade 9: My nickname is Kim Martin. Because my actual name is Martin and my last name is Kim, my friends changed the order of that. They started calling me Kim Martin, and when they searched that on Google, it really existed. After that, people started to call me Kim Martin. It sounded catchy, so I guess I like it also. 







Tracy, Grade 3: My nickname is Soybean, because my Korean name is Soyeon which sounds like soybean. When I type Soyeon on my Macbook, it automatically corrects to that, too. 








Mr. Archer, P.E Teacher: It’s kind of funny because in every school that I have been to in America, kids always just called me Coach. Doesn’t matter where I am. But here, everybody calls me Mr. Archer. So I guess my nickname is just “Coach.” 







Christie, Grade 11: My nickname is Loopy (loo-pee) in Pororo, which is a Korean animation. People call me Loopy because Loopy is short like me, and some of my friends say my face looks like her. By the way, she’s a beaver. I don’t think I look like her, because she has pink skin. 







Louie, Grade 9: When I came to DIS, people started to call me Alpaca, which is an animal. They call me Alpaca because they said my face is kind of similar to an alpaca’s face. Also, they said I eat like an alpaca. 







Mr. Bergan, History Teacher: My nickname was D-Roc when I was a student. It was just one of a few nicknames for somebody named Derek. D-Roc was a character in a movie called Zoolander. 








Brandon, Grade 10: My classmates call me Hurrrr. They extended my name so it sounds like Brandon Hurrrr. The reason why they call me Brandon Hurrrr is because when I was taking a retake in Mr. Lipsky’s class, Mr. Lipsky accidentally wrote my name as Hur Hur, not Brandon Hur. After that, people started to call me Brandon Hurrrr.







Abigail, Grade 4: My nickname is Abby because I prefer that name to any other name. Abigail sounds like I’m in trouble. So other people call me Abby now. 








Sophia, Grade 4: My nickname is Sofa. Because it sounds like my name and also I prefer that name since it’s shorter.