Who’s Your Role Model?

Alex Park and Mikey Pierog

Everyone works hard to achieve their dream, and understandably so. All role models are influential in some way, and they can change people’s lives and shape them to be completely different people. The Jets Flyover decided to ask students who their role models are to get some insight.



Dana, Grade 9:

My role model is Blackpink’s Rosé, because she is very cool and she also dances very well. I want to be like her.






Juan, Grade 10:

My role model is Michael Jordan, He is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. I’m very interested in basketball, so I want to learn his skills and his mentality.







Ms. Zhu, Chinese Teacher:

When I was in university, there was a vice president named Selly, and I admired her. She was very dedicated to the school, and because she tried to make a school a better place and really cared about the students, I was motivated to become a teacher.







Maei, Grade 2:

My role model is BTS! I really enjoy listening to their songs, and they are very popular all over the world. I want to be like them, and be very famous!








Irin, Grade 2:

My role model is Yuna Kim (김연아). I like her because I really like figure skating, and it makes me calm.








Jin, Grade 10:

My role model is Bill Gates, because he has a good personality and donates to the poor. He is very dedicated to making society better.








Mr. Hinkle, HS English Teacher:

Jean-Luc Picard. Even though he is a fake character, he really listens to the workers and their questions. I’m not good at this kind of thing, but I want to be like that.







Brian, Grade 3:

I like Mark Zuckerberg. He made Facebook, which connected people and let them further communicate with each other. I also like tech-related things, so I think that is a cool thing.