Competition Clubs Dominate ASA Registration

Demand for Resume-builder Activities Remain High

April 9, 2023

Among the wide range of after school activities provided on campus, a few specific clubs attracted more attention from students this trimester. Clubs in high demand offer entertainment or resume builders. The Computer Science Competition Club(CSCC), hosted on Tuesdays, provides the latter. The advisor, Mr. Gall, said, “Students who are interested in computer science operate the club, bringing in materials and teaching others.”

Students jot down notes for a computer science lecture. Photo by Anna Yoon.
Tommy assists the hardworking members of CSCC. Photo by Anna Yoon.

He also commented on their successful accomplishments. “I am really impressed by these students. Not only do they do a lot for the club itself, but they also do extremely well in the actual competitions.” The students got a perfect score in the last American Computer Science League(ACSL). This competition includes 4 separate contests that take nearly a year to complete and the members finished 2 with a maximum score. Currently, they are preparing for the fourth season. 

Members of the CSCC celebrate their immaculate record on the ACSL. Photo by David Cho.

The ongoing outstanding performance of CSCC explains the intensity of the signup process. Co-leader David affirmed, “I think I can agree that our club is popular because our spots are almost full. They fill up pretty quickly. The biggest reason why I think our club is so popular is because we work to participate in computer science contests, and they are helpful for a student’s resume. We also do very well in the competitions.”

A sample question provided by the CSCC members for the American Computer Science League(ACSL). Photo by David Cho.

Popularity also soared high in the Math Competition Club(MCC). President Anthony stated, “I can confidently say that our club is the most popular club. Every time we sign up, the spots fill up in seconds. In fact, last time, I almost couldn’t join the club.”

The MCC participated in the Waterloo math competitions, proving their refined skills and knowledge. Photo courtesy of Waterloo University.

He added, “I think our club is so competitive in joining because we practice and participate in math competitions. A lot of students in this school want to go into the STEM field, and doing well in math competitions is one the best resumes to have in this field.”

Jerome works through an algebra challenge. Photo by Sankeeth Udayakumar.
Students put their heads together to work through a problem. Photo by Yugi Ahn.

Registration burns on with the fight for entertainment and a picture-perfect resume. Competition scales up with popularity in the air. Those that take an interest in further academic accomplishments should expect a challenge for a spot in either one of the clubs. 

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  • J

    Justin SonApr 13, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    1 more contest remaining
    6 more points needed to qualify
    Let’s go CSCC!!!!

  • T

    TommyApr 13, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    CSCC— one of the coolest clubs indeed!

  • A

    AnonymousApr 13, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    Lets go to acsl finals!!