Which animal represents you?


Graphic by Leewen Wang.

Leewen Wang, Jessica Woo, and Luna Kang

DIS sprinters, have your friends ever remarked, “You’re as fast as a cheetah.”? Or is there anybody with eyes as keen as a hawk’s? Everyone embodies animal characteristics, but all are unique. 

I interviewed the DIS community to find out their spirit animals and their connections to them. Students responded with excitement to my question, “What animal do you feel best represents you?” 

Vivian, Grade 3:

 I would be a cat because it’s cute, and you can play with it.







Elisa, Grade 10:

Maybe a Persian cat. They are very chill, very relaxed. Cats don’t really sleep at night, and I don’t either. Overall, they are just really chilling, and that’s kind of like me.






Henry, Grade 4:

I would be a chicken because I like chickens, and my nickname is Henry chicken leg.







Mr. Pierog: 

I think it would be a lion because a lion lives in a family pack on the whole. I really like that idea. The lion eats a lot of meat, and I love a lot of meat. So, yeah, that’s probably the main reason.






Purnima, Grade 3:

I would be a panda because I’m lovable and some people call me cute. But if I’m really mad, I can be really ferocious.







Tracy, Grade 4:

If I could compare myself to an animal, I would be a crocodile because crocodiles wait for the prey to come and for a chance to scream, fight and kill. 






Leo, Grade 12: 

I would like to be compared to the strawberry squid because I like to think I’m a colorful and bubbly person with some very happy vibes.






Harika, Grade 2:

I would really like a fox because a fox is really cute, and I really like DIS.







Justin, Grade 8:

I would compare myself to a sloth because I am very lazy, and I don’t like to move a lot except when I play sports.






If I were an animal, consider me a dog. I enjoy being with my friends and going outdoors to play sports. If you could magically turn into any creature, what would you become?