DISE Adds Meaning to Potential

Students Lead the Push to Strengthen School Spirit

September 29, 2022

Two heads are better than one, and we have three hundred. While we already have a distinct identity of our own with school colors, logo, mascot, and a slogan already, it’s no secret that school spirit can continue to improve. And chances are, this brought your interest to the Friday lunch club, DISE (Daegu International School Enhancement Club).

Anthony and Dylan pay close attention as Mr. Jolly sums up the agenda at the first DISE meeting. Photo by Luna Kang.

Organized by student leader, Dylan, and supervised by our headmaster, members devote their recess time to put their heads together for events that promote DIS in a better light. The meeting’s ultimate purpose is enhancing school spirit by further improving the quality of student life around the campus. So far, some of the club’s current ideas being discussed are a school anthem, new traditions, a goods store, and promoting Glider. 

As it’s only the first trimester yet, with COVID waves dissipating and the outdoor mask mandates lifted, there’s plenty of time and preparations to be happening for the best: individuals shine better in groups.

“Even if you are not a member of DISE, you are welcome to freely express opinions on the changes you want!” encouraged Anthony, a senior. “We can always make use of more opinions – that’s the change we want to see, as a matter of fact.”

We can always make use of more opinions – that’s the change we want to see, as a matter of fact.”

— Anthony, a senior

We stay in norms because they are our comfort zones. But even our current situations, however, can always be better. See what could be different, the new normal that could happen, and steer the school year alongside DISE’s student leadership.


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