Jet Stream February 18th, 2022

Jane Nam and Helen Rho

Jane and Helen team up to bring you 2 great segments today. First we take a trip to volunteer at nearby Hannah Dog Shelter. Then we have another Video Production class Foley Project video.

Sarah and Christie visited Hannah dog shelter and volunteered to help out for a day. They arrived early in the morning and get to work immediately. They had to help out with difficult tasks such as cleaning the cages and refilling food. It was tiring, but it ended up being worthwhile in the end when they finished their work.

Jiyun and Jodie learned about audio engineering in Video Production class. Foley is the art of recording audio separately from video. Foley artists use any tool they can get their hands on to recreate sounds. They often use items that aren’t actually related to the sound they are creating. They may use coconuts to mimic footsteps, or crunch celery to sound like kicking or punching. Check out how Jiyun and Jodie recreated the audio from We Bare Bears.