• SNHS is holding Science Trivia for middle schoolers during ASA time on December 10th.
  • Elementary students are having their Holiday Fun Movie Night from 4:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on December 10th.
  • SKAC MUN is being held at BFS on Saturday, December 11th.
  • NJHS is holding a Donation Drive for Beautiful Store Daegu. Please donate new and gently used clothes, shoes, and books from December 6th through 10th before school.
  • Middle School Student Council will be selling snacks after school from Tuesday to Friday.
  • The SAT test is this Saturday at DIS.
  • World Vision will be selling hot chocolate before school from Monday to Friday.
  • Check out SOAR's Hanukkah display on the 1st floor lobby until December 3rd.
The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

Jets Flyover

The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

Obsessed with Obsd.

K.D. Kim and Mikey Pierog December 1, 2021

Mikey and K.D. visited local soul food sensation Obsd. They interviewed the owner, Suho Baek, and his employee, Gwanghyun, to learn the story behind the restaurant and the food that’s served there. Obsd....

How to Play Four Square & Hopscotch

Jiyun Chung and Jodie Lee December 1, 2021

Jiyun and Jodie introduce you to two new games that have been added around the campus: Foursquare and Hopscotch. Foursquare is a ball game that involves four or more players bouncing a ball back and forth...

Let’s Head to Harbin Malatang

CJ Park and Agnew Kim December 1, 2021

CJ and Agnew visited a dope new restaurant in Esiapolis called Harbin Malatang. The restaurant was filled with different Chinese traditions. There were different types of Chinese food, and CJ and Agnew...

How to Play Cornhole

Paul Eom and Harry Cho December 1, 2021

There are several new Cornhole games set up around campus. Here is a short tutorial on how to play the game Cornhole by Paul and Harry. Follow the steps in the video to have fun playing Cornhole safely!

Funniest Photo On Your Phone

Sophie Lee, Jimin Shin November 24, 2021
Sophie and Jimin present you with the funniest photos in the DIS community. Unexpected stories from ridiculous photos are revealed! These knee-slapping photos will make you laugh out loud. Don't miss the hilarious bloopers at the end of the video! Which photo was the funniest? Go ahead and watch the video to find out.

Jet Stream November 24th, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Jet Streamers. Today Jinny and Elizabeth guide you into a 4 day weekend. Jacob and Eric are here to showcase the awesome new front and back basketball courts. There are new backboards and volleyball nets for the multipurpose courts. We hear from students, faculty, and staff on why thee new courts are here and how we can use them. Maisie and Geo introduce you to a unique cafe called “Billy Works.” There are various types of delicious drinks and pastries. Not only that, lunch and dinner are available as well. But the key attraction of this cafe is the interior. Billy Works was actually reconstructed from an old factory. Just like the name, Billy Works makes it work!

Be My Guest: Virtual Guest Speakers at DIS

Youni Choi and Lisa Seok November 17, 2021

Youni and Lisa bring you insight into virtual guests that have visited classrooms all around campus. Due to COVID, there were restrictions regarding field trips, outside guests, and off-campus events....

Jet Stream November 18th, 2021

As quarter 2 progresses, DIS bursts with news. The Jet Stream brings you the stories you need to know. Alyssa and K.D. anchor the show once again. Sam and Taein bring you the second grade book showcase, and Youni and Lisa report from the middle school party. Parties are back after a two year hiatus. The Middle School Student Council hosted their first party of the semester. The big night was Halloween-themed with a variety of activities and delicious food. Youni and Lisa bring you the inside scoop. The second graders had a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, October 29th. The event took place in the lower library to celebrate the publication of books they created. They have been working on their writing unit to create nonfiction books with topics that they are experts on. During both reading and writing workshops, they have been practicing using expert words and talking about the lingo of their topics. Mrs. Kaschub and Ms. Prestia were in charge of this event and they shared some details about it. The books are showcased in the lower library and it would be great if you could come by and check out what amazing books these students made.

Jet Stream November 11th, 2021

Happy Pepero Day Jets! Jane and Sarah bring you two fantastic segments today. First, Elizabeth and Jinny bring you the highlights from this year’s Spirit Week. From Monday through Friday, they walk you through all the colorful costumes that everyone wore to celebrate. Christie and Sarah visited an art cafe recently. They give us insight into the details of the cafe, including the food and drinks, the interior, and of course the art activities. Take a look!

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Harry Cho and Paul Eom November 8, 2021

Home alone, Harry finds out he has a companion in the shadows. Harry quickly hides, but the lights soon go off… This movie is fictional. No one was harmed. It's just for entertainment. Please enjoy.

Jet Stream November 4th, 2021

Geo Park, Jodie Lee, K.D. Kim, Mikey Pierog, Eric Cho, and Jacob Kim November 4, 2021

This....Is......The Jet Stream! Jodie and Geo serve up two great segments today. First KD and Mikey spent the day at a Saturday volleyball practice. Then Eric and Jacob show you the all-new first grade...

Stan Culture

Maisie Hwang and Jiyun Chung October 28, 2021
K-Pop culture keeps growing and quickly influencing people all over the world. There is a particular culture to K-Pop fandom. “Stan” is what they call themselves and the term encompasses their excessively supportive behavior towards certain figures or idols.
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