Jet Stream February 11th, 2022

Sarah Lee and Christie Park

Sarah and Christie bring you the Valentine’s Day episode of the Jet Stream. Today we have a segment from Eric and Jacob focused on the trend of stores without employees. You’ll also watch Paul’s special project on the art of audio design.

Several shops have gone cashierless. From ice cream marts to pet supply stores, these spots are spreading all over Korea. Business owners think that unmanned payment systems and kiosks are more efficient than hiring people. Jacob and Eric talk about some places around Esiapolis, why this is happening, and others’ thoughts on the trend.

Paul learned about audio engineering in Video Production class. Foley is the art of recording audio separately from video. Foley artists use any tool they can get their hands on to recreate sounds. They often use items that aren’t actually related to the sound they are creating. They may use coconuts to mimic footsteps, or crunch celery to sound like kicking or punching. Check out how Paul recreated the audio from the movie WallE.